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Son is the very root of Salsa and therefore part of the traditional music of Cuba. The nine-man band Los Jubilados directly tunes the strings of your heart with their authentic Son and Bolero from Santiago de Cuba and ensures an unforgettable highlight to each event.

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Los Jubilados - El chivo

Los Jubilados - Sabor a mi
Los Jubilados - Tremenda negra
Los Jubilados - Tiene Brillumbe
Los Jubilados - El Marabu

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Pura Tradición

In the year 1994, in the East of Cuba, the wonderful idea was born to revive the glorious past, the bloom of Son, with the help of the genre veterans Juan Ferrer and Mario Carcasés. Both men had been the official voices of the famous band “Los Cubaneros” from Santiago de Cuba for over three decades.

The band “Los Jubilados” is one of their products. They gathered musicians around them who were, same as them, retired (jubilado) and thus available to revive their careers as musicians due to their spare time and their motivation.

Los Jubilados are led by Pedro Gomez nowadays, the director, singer and composer of the band. They look back at an international cooperation with the Canadian clarinetist Jane Bunnett, whose album “Alma de Santiago” received a Grammy nomination in the category Latin Jazz, and she can be heard in three songs of Los Jubilados, not to forget the different TV documentaries about the band and their music which were shown in countries such as France, Japan, Spain, Mexico and England. Los Jubilados have produced a CD called “Azuquita y Los Jubilados” with the famous singer and sonero Camilo Azuquita which was a great success. They performed on stage with other illustrious figures in music, such as Polo Montanes, Oscar de Leon, Chano Lobato and Armando Manzanero.

The band performs their traditional music (Son, Bolero, Guaracha, Cha-Cha-Cha) from Cuba with great upbeat, passion and joy. With pride they carry out the genuine Cuban music into the world, thus representing and living its rich tradition.

This group is a Cuban brand and does its part to make the real Cuban music culture popular in the whole wide world.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience these unique and warm grand masters of the true Son in a concert – directly from the historical Santiago.



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LosJubilados  LosJubilados  LosJubilados

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